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Matthew I Hirsch Returns to Delaware Law School – Widener University

Matthew I Hirsch is proud to be returning to Delaware Law School – Widener University for his 23rd semester. From 1993 to the present, Mr. Hirsch has been part of the Adjunct Faculty at Delaware Law’s Wilmington campus, teaching a 14-week, two-credit course in Immigration and Nationality Law. The recipient of several Dedicated Teaching awards, Professor Hirsch created the immigration law curriculum in 1993 and, over the past twenty-plus years, has helped a considerable number of law students to develop their interest in immigration law. According to Mr. Hirsch, “One of the greatest pleasures in my career has been to expose students to the fascinating world of immigration law and to later see that they have become immigration lawyers.” As a Professor of Immigration and Nationality Law, Mr. Hirsch has been featured in news articles, television shows and radio appearances. To view Mr. Hirsch’s interview with veteran Philadelphia news anchor Larry Kane, click here. For information and updates on immigration law and what to expect from Congress following the 2018 mid-term elections, please continue to check the blogposts at and our Facebook page, Law Office of Matthew I. Hirsch.

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