Articles by Matthew I. Hirsch

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  • “Petitions to Remove Condition on Residence: Waivers and Late Filings”-published in AILA’s Practice Pointers: Tips for Handling Complex Cases 2014 click here
  • “The Defeat of DOMA: Does It Mean the End of Marriage Inequality in U.S. Immigration Law?” – published in the Trenton Times, Delaware News Journal, Rainbow Times of Boston, and Philly Gay News click here
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  • “Reasons to Support Immigration Reform in 2013” – The Delaware News Journal click here
  • “A Case for Immigration Reform: Path to Citizenship” – The Harrisburg Patriot News click here
  • V Visas: The LIFE Act’s Answer to Family Unification – Updated for AILA’s 2009 Annual Conference Handbook click here
  • Change of Non-immigrant Status – Updated for AILA’s 2009 Annual Conference Handbook click here
  • The Top 25 Things That Every Immigration Practitioner Should Know About International Students And Scholars – AILA’s Student & Scholars Committee click here
  • Why “Walk The Line”? Effective, Efficient, and Ethical Practices for Immigration Paralegals – Prepared for AILA’s 2006–07 Immigration & Nationality Law Handbook click here
  • The Visa Waiver Program – Updated for AILA’s 2004–05 Immigration and Nationality Law Handbook click here
  • DOL Backlog Reduction: Moving Toward Revolutionizing Labor Certification – AILA’s Immigration Law Today, January/February 2005 click here
  • Citizenship in America Its Rights, Privileges, and Responsibilities – AILA’s Immigration Law Today, November/December 2004 click here